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Who We Are?
Minimum Promise; Maximum Delivery
We can help you with tax, bookkeeping and financial advisory services for your incorporated business, self-employment and your life in general.
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How Can We Help You?

We provide you with affordable professional services. Our team has expertise in personal and corporate tax as well as bookkeeping.

We provide our services remotely in whichever form is most convenient for you. You may reach us over the phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, Telegram, Google Meet and more. We use cost-effective methods to serve you efficiently.

Many business people and entrepreneurs have difficulty finding tax accountants who are affordable, easily accessible and reliable. At QualiVests, we offer easy access to a knowledgeable team that can help with your personal and business tax.

Tax Filing

At QualiVests, we are well versed in tax laws and regulations and will maximize your tax returns taking all aspects of your life and business into account.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Our experienced team at QualiVests is well aware of small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs’ tax, bookkeeping and accounting needs. Using QuickBooks Online, we address our clients’ needs in affordable and convenient ways.

Small Business Advisory

QualiVests offers business advisory and support services to help entrepreneurs and small businesses concentrate on their core business.

Why Us?

At QualiVests, you have access to a friendly and knowledgeable team for your tax, accounting and entrepreneurship needs. QualiVests is the best choice for you because:


At QualiVests, we understand that it is not always easy to find services that are delivered in a way that suits you. One of our key goals is to provide our services via the clients’ preferred channels.


Most entrepreneurs and small business owners spend considerable time on chores such as tax, bookkeeping, HST filing, loan applications and business plan writing among others, putting up with the interruption to their core business because financial services are too expensive. QualiVests’ mission is to provide affordable services to entrepreneurs, small businesses and individuals so they don’t have to choose between saving time or money.


At QualiVests, we are committed to providing our clients with professional and reliable services. We are there with our clients during the tax season and whenever they need us at other times. For our business clients, we are open to being in contact in whichever way is convenient. We also educate our clients by providing a range of tax, bookkeeping, and entrepreneurship advice.

What our clients say?

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    Highly recommend Qualivests service. They are always fast, reliable, and makes you and your business valuable. To be sure about everything they are just a phone call away. Best service in Town

    kübra KARAHAN
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    Qualivests Inc helped me to file my Tax Deduction form. Although I had a complex and time consuming file to fill, they were very patient, gentle and professional. Also, I called them like 10 times and asked questions about tax stuff and each time they explained my questions in detail. Thanks again.

    Payam Parvizi
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    The service of Qualivests was excellent! The owner fixed my accountant’s errors and helped us go through all the details, I will definitely come back next tax return.

    Bing Xin
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    I know Ayat for more than 20 years.Throughout all these years I have been impressed by his unique business development strategies and entrepreneurial mindset. He holds a unique understanding of his clients priorities…

    Mohsen Yar
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    Best service in town. Highly recommend Qualivests service. They are always fast, reliable, and makes you feel valuable.

    Mustafa Demirtaş
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    They have done an amazing job with my taxes. Being self-employed brings extra difficulty to preparing my returns. They know all the laws and best ways to help to make sure you can take advantage and save on your taxes. Highly recommend them!!!

    Mustafa Demirtaş
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    If you want to save your time and simultaneously be sure that your tax stuff has been done professionally, I recommend you Qualivests.

    Mohammad Kalantar
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