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Tax Filing

We help individuals, businesses and self-employed persons in tax planning to obtain maximum benefits and tax exemptions or deferrals.

Tax Services

Tax is an essential part of every society. Citizens/residents, businesses and corporations pay various taxes to enable governments to provide a range of public goods and services.

On the other hand, tax presents a challenge to every individual and business. People and businesses try their best to keep their tax liabilities to a minimum and maximize their returns through legal strategies such as applying for eligible credits and benefits.

The Canadian tax system is one of the most advanced and sophisticated in the world. Having an expert alongside you makes tax time easy. At QualiVests, we are well versed in tax laws and regulations and will maximize your tax returns taking all aspects of your life and business into account.

Corporate Tax Return

Corporate tax returns are much more complicated than personal tax returns. Filing the company’s annual tax return on time to avoid interest and penalties is not the best that a company can do. Tax planning and applying all credits and deductions to optimize your company’s tax is vital. In Canada, there are many tax credits and deductions available to businesses. If your taxes are not being filed by a professional, your company might be going in the wrong direction.

QualiVests’ skilled tax team can help you to file your corporate tax returns in the way that is most beneficial to your business.

Personal Tax Return

The tax system in Canada is one of the most advanced and complicated in the world. There are many federal and provincial refundable and non-refundable tax credits and benefits that make filing a tax return time-consuming and challenging. Everyone in Canada should file a tax return every year. Getting help from a professional makes this task easy.

Self-Employed Tax Return

If you have your own sole proprietorship business or you are self-employed part-time, you must complete form T2125 for your self-employed business. Our tax professionals can help you to file your tax return accurately and efficiently.

Uber/Lift/Ride-share and Taxi Drivers’ Tax Return

Uber/Lift/Ride-share and Taxi Drivers must file their tax returns yearly and their HST/GST returns periodically. Using professional services can help you to save money by optimizing your tax return.

Students and New Immigrants

We offer a 20 per cent discount for students and new immigrants. We also help them to apply for government benefits and credits.

Partnership Tax Return

Many individuals invest in partnerships, but the taxation of partnership income can be a bit confusing at tax time. It’s QualiVests’ job to make the taxation part easy, allowing individuals to focus on their businesses.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is one of the most important financial planning undertakings in your personal life and business. It is not only about optimizing your taxes, but more than that, planning for your family/company’s future and being able to make the right financial decisions. Tax can comprise one of the greatest expenses we pay throughout our lives, so the lack of appropriate tax planning can be very expensive for families/companies.

At QualiVests, we help our clients with their tax planning to optimize their financial goals.

QualiVests’ corporate tax team will ensure entrepreneurs’ corporate income tax returns are prepared efficiently, accurately and filed on time. We look for opportunities and strategies to minimize clients’ corporate income tax liability by taking advantage of existing and new corporate income tax laws. We ensure that a proper tax plan is in place to help clients’ companies maximize their profitability and help their businesses prosper.

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