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Personal Income Tax Return Checklist

To file your personal income tax return through QualiVests, in order to maximize your tax refund and benefits, please prepare all information and documents according to this checklist. For more information contact us.

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Personal Information

check-markFirst & Last name (For family tax, all family members information)
check-markSocial Insurance Number (For family tax, all family members information above 18 years old)
check-markMailing Address
check-markTelephone number
check-markEmail Address
check-markDate of Birth (For family tax, all family members information)
check-markMarriage Status
check-markBank account information if you want to set up or update your direct deposit with the CRA

Notes: For all existing clients, we have your information on file. Just let us know of anything you want to update.

Tax Slips (available on the CRA My Account)

check-markT4 (Employment income)
check-markT3, T5, T5008 (Interest, dividends, mutual funds)
check-markT4E (Employment insurance benefits)
check-markT4A(P), T4A(OAS), T4A (Old Age Security and CPP benefits)
check-markT4A (Other pensions and annuities)
check-markT4RIF (Statement of income from Registered Retirement Income Fund)
check-markT4RSP (How much money you withdrew from or received out of your RRSPs and how much tax was deducted Also shows money withdrawn from an RRSP under Ho Buyer’s Plan and amounts transferred an RRSP to a spouse or partner under a court judgment or written agreement)
check-markT5007 (Social assistance payments/ Workers ‘compensation benefits)
check-markRRSP contribution slip
check-markT2202A (Tuition / education receipts)

Notes: You can authorize us to get the above slips from the CRA online service My Account. However, there may be missing or incorrect slips. Therefore, we are still encouraging you to have all your tax slips while preparing your tax return.

Tax Slips and information (not available on the CRA My Account)

check-markChild care expense
check-markSupport for a child, spouse or common-law partner
check-markProfessional or union dues
check-markTool expenses (Tradesperson & apprentice)
check-markInterest expenses or management fees to earn income from an investment
check-markRent or property tax payment amount

  • Address
  • Postal code
  • Number of months you were in this address in the tax year
  • Total Amount you paid
  • Name of Landlord/Municipality that received rent/property tax

check-markMedical expenses (each medical expense needs separate information)

  • Payment Date
  • Name of patient
  • Payment made to
  • Description of Expense
  • Amount you paid

check-markCharitable donations
check-markPolitical contribution
check-markAdoption expense
check-markInterest paid to your student loan
check-markCarrying charges and interest expense
check-markOffice-in-home expenses
check-markExams for professional certification
check-markAll tax slips from Revenue Quebec (RL-1, RL-8 etc.)

Newcomers who file their tax return for the very first time

check-markDate of entry to Canada
check-markCanadian source income before coming to Canada
check-markForeign source income before coming to Canada

Other Information

check-markNotice of Assessment/Reassessment
check-markCanada Revenue Agency correspondence
check-markThe sale or deemed sale of stocks, bonds or real estate
check-markNorthern residents’ deductions receipts
check-markRental income and expense receipts
check-markBusiness, farm or fishing income/expenses
check-markAutomobile / Travel logbook and expenses
check-markDisability Tax Credit Certificate
check-markDeclaration of Conditions of Employment (T2200) or Declaration of Conditions of Employment for Working at Home Due to COVID-19 (T2200S)
check-markVolunteer Firefighters certification
check-markSearch and Rescue volunteer’s certification
check-markCustody Arrangement documentation

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