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Uber, Lift, Rideshare & Taxi Drivers’ Tax Return Checklist

Like other self-employed taxpayers, Uber, Lift, Rideshare and Taxi Drivers have a challenge in their tax filing. They must file the form T2125 and claim auto expenses. This checklist will make life easier for you when preparing the information for your tax return. For more information contact us.

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General Information

check-markCopy of your previous tax return if you are a new client with us
check-markGST/HST number
check-markBusiness address
check-markUber/Lift Slip

Gross Business Income

check-markYour total gross income from the business (net of GST/HST)

Business Expenses (net of GST/HST)

check-markPurchase of materials
check-markMeal and entertainment
check-markBad debts
check-markInsurance (for the business not for your car)
check-markBusiness tax, fees, licenses, dues, and memberships
check-markOffice expense
check-markOffice Stationery and Supplies
check-markProfessional fees

check-markManagement and administration fees
check-markMaintenance and repairs
check-markSalaries, wages, and benefits
check-markTravel expense
check-markTelephone, mobile and utilities
check-markDelivery, freight, and express
check-markOther expenses

Car Expenses

check-markThe kilometres you drove in the tax year to earn business income
check-markThe total kilometres you drove in the tax year
check-markInterest if you are financing your vehicle
check-markLicense and registration
check-markMaintenance and repairs
check-markLeasing cost if you are leasing your vehicle
check-markOther expenses (please specify)
check-markBusiness parking fees
check-markSupplementary Business Insurance

Assets used in your business

check-markCar Make and Car Model
check-markThe vehicle purchase price and the date of purchase if you purchase it

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