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Corporation Tax Preparation Checklist

To file your corporation income tax return, please use this checklist to provide the related information and documents. For more information contact us.

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Corporation Information

check-markCorporation year-end bank account balance

If this is the first year of corporation tax filing, please provide:

check-markCorporation name
check-markCorporation number
check-markIncorporation date
check-markCorporation address
check-markCorporation business number
check-markCorporation main product or service
check-markShareholders’ name and percentage of share
check-markDirector or President’s Name and Phone Number

If this corporation filed tax before, please provide:

check-markPrevious corporation tax return

Corporation Financial statement if any

check-markProft&Lost statement
check-markBalance Sheet

If the company does not have the above financial statement,
then please provide the following information:

Corporation Income

check-markCorporation Gross Income (net of HST)

Corporation Expenses (net of HST)

check-markAdvertising and promotion
check-markBusiness insurance
check-markBusiness taxes, licences and memberships
check-markComputer-related expenses
check-markCredit card charges
check-markFranchise fees
check-markGeneral and administrative expenses
check-markHome office expenses
check-markInterest and bank charges
check-markMeal and entertainment
check-markOffice expenses
check-markProfessional fees

check-markPurchase of materials
check-markSalaries and wages (attach T4)
check-markShipping and warehouse expense
check-markTravel expenses
check-markVehicle expenses (kilometres drove to earn business income)
check-markOther expenses


check-markShareholders’ Dividend (attach T5)

Account R/P

check-markAccount receivable
check-markAccount payable

Cost of Corporation Capital Assets


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