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Rental Income Tax Preparation Checklist

If you have rental income from real estate or property, please use this checklist when preparing the information and documents. For more information contact us.
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General Information

check-markAddress of your rental property.
check-markRental period
check-markDo you have a co-owner of this property? If yes,
  • Name and address of the co-owner
  • Percentage of your partnership in the rental
  • Percentage of your spouse partnership in the rental
  • If this is an apartment building, how many units does it have
check-markYour gross rental income

Rental Expenses

check-markInterest on Mortgage
check-markOffice expense
check-markLegal, accounting, Agent and other professional fee
check-markManagement and administration fees
check-markMaintenance and repairs
check-markSalaries, wages, and benefits
check-markProperty taxes
check-markCondo fees
check-markMotor vehicle expenses
check-markOther expenses (Specify)

Capital Cost Allowance

check-markCost value of the house price and the portion for building and land

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