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Tax Deadlines for 2024: Mark Your Calendar!

January 9, 2024
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Get ready for the 2024 tax season by staying informed about important deadlines. These key dates will help you maximize benefits and streamline your tax payments. Here’s your guide to the essential deadlines for personal tax filing in 2024:

⚠️ January 1:
The beginning of contribution room for Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). The contribution room for 2024 starts at $7,000.

⚠️ February 21:
Netfile/efile opens for the 2023 tax filing season.

⚠️ February 29:
Deadline for employers, corporations, banks, and financial institutions to issue T slips. Most individuals can file their taxes after receiving their T slips.

⚠️ March 1:
Deadline for RRSP contributions to be considered for the 2023 tax year.

⚠️ April 30:
The tax filing deadline for personal tax returns for the 2023 tax year.

⚠️ June 17:
Deadline for self-employed individuals and their spouses to file their taxes.

Remember, the deadline for tax owed payment remains April 30, even if the tax filing deadline is extended to June 17.

Residents of cities with Vacant Tax Filing obligations, such as Toronto and Ottawa, should file their vacant property tax filing starting January 1, 2024. For more details, please visit your city’s official website.

Mark your calendar and consult your accountant or financial advisor for assistance with tax planning and filing. Use tax checklists to ensure you have all necessary documents for a smooth filing process.

If you need help with your tax planning or tax return filing you can always book an appointment with us. Also, you may email your questions and our team would be so happy to help you.

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